Jun 05,2024
Bee Crypto Visa Upgrade, Make Your Black-Gold Cards More Luxury

To esteemed Black Gold cardholders and all Beelievers,

Two weeks have passed since the first batch of 1,000 Bee Network x Coin50 crypto Visa cards were issued. During this time, 1,000 Beelievers have seized the opportunity to experience this card. We are going to hand over the key to convenient crypto payments to more users, as we prepare to release the second batch of 5,000 Visa cards. At the same time, we will further enhance the payment experience for existing Black-Gold cardholders.

*To enhance the payment experience for the first 1,000 Black-Gold cardholders, Coin50 and its 30 affiliated banking institutions and card issuers will upgrade the benefits of the first 1,000 Visa cards. This upgrade will expand the list of supported merchants, allowing you to truly enjoy using this card in both online and offline scenarios worldwide. The upgrade process will begin at UTC-14:00 on 5th June and will last approximately 5 hours. During this time, you may encounter some card usage issues. Please note:

  1. The card number, expiration date, and CVV of the card will change. You may need to rebind the card through the previously linked payment channels.
  2. Your card balance will be fully transferred to the new card, and any refund requests to the old card will also be transferred.
  3. Due to card information updates, you may experience missing transaction records.

After the upgrade, the Bee Network Black-Gold card will support (but is not limited to) the following merchants:

['Alipay', 'Wechatpay', 'Steam', 'Paypal', 'Taobao', 'Alibaba', 'Twitter', 'Tencent', 'PinDuoDuo', 'Luckin Coffee', 'eBay', 'Telegram', 'YouTube', 'OpenAI', 'Optus', 'GCore', 'Kickstarter', 'Line app', 'Allegro', 'Agoda', 'Lawson', 'GameStop', 'Giffgaff', 'Lazada', 'Grab', 'Helium Mobile', 'Foodpanda', 'Oracle', 'Hetzner', 'Dynadot', 'One NZ', 'Anthropic', 'Meituan', 'DingDong', 'Dianxin', 'Depop', 'Deliveroo', 'DHgate', 'Etsy', 'Concierge', 'Iproyal', 'Mercari', 'Cambly', 'Name.com', 'Facebook', 'McDonalds', 'Namecheap', 'Namesilo', 'MeShop', 'Cai Niao', 'Booking', 'Apple', 'Amazon', 'Humble Bundle', '12306', 'Xsolla', 'Porkbun', 'Walmart', 'Temporary Hold', 'Starbucks', 'Spaceship', 'YumChina', "Victoria's Secret", 'Select Media', 'Uber', 'Shopify', 'Skinny', 'Trip', 'Univision']['OVH', 'AdsPower', 'Baidu', 'Blizzard', 'OnlyFans', 'Favorite', 'Chatgpt', 'Microsoft', 'Claude AI', 'Cloudflare', 'Contabo', 'Deepl', 'LetsGo Network', 'DiDi', 'Gumrd', 'Godaddy', 'GitHub', 'Fantia', 'Freshippo', 'Figma', 'Midjourney', 'Mailgun', '1Password, 'T-Mobile', 'Temu', 'Proton', 'Pixivfanbox', 'Zwift', 'Ultra Mobile', 'Ubox', 'Vultr', 'Red Pocket', 'Webshare', 'Ring4']

We wish you all the best in your exploration journey.

Please stay tuned for our exciting card-issuing events for Beelievers who missed the initial application or did not meet the conditions. We will soon prepare Visa and MasterCard options with multiple benefits and customized usage scenarios for Beelievers. You are welcome to click on the pre-order button on the card application page within the App to receive notifications as soon as the event starts!

Bee Network DAO

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