Aug 04,2023
Welcome to Bee Universe
"The most unexpected things will brew in this bionic hivelike supermind."

Here comes a brand new conception of Bee Universe!

The Bee Network DAO is all about embracing the unexpected and pioneering new possibilities! With the launch of Bee Funds, we're opening doors for Web 3.0 developers to create groundbreaking projects. And with Growing Platform version 2.0, we're empowering over 26M Beelievers and Bee ecosystem co-builders to shape the future together.

But wait, this is just the beginning! Something truly monumental, like some popular public blockchains and cool projects could be on the horizon in Bee Universe. When the time is right, we'll be ready to embark on that journey together. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

  1. #BeeFunds open to apply
  2. Growing Platform 2.0 officially online

🎉 "Bee Funds" - A Marvelous Opportunity for Web3 Builders! 🚀

Up to $100,000 per month to support promising Web3 startups! Don't miss this golden chance! Apply now 👉

We're on a mission to empower Web3 projects! Within two months, we'll select up to 100 ecosystem partners and provide funds and traffic resources valued between 200U-2000U. Act fast, as there are only 100 tickets in the first period, First-Come-First-Served!
"Bee Funds" is all about embracing potential in the web3 space. By joining us, you'll receive grants, Web3 resources, and immerse yourself in the enthusiasm of 26 million Beelievers. Together, we'll solve the growth puzzle and foster a thriving ecosystem.

We also welcome donations to Bee Funds from around the world, accelerating BeeNetwork's growth. All donated funds will be dedicated to nurturing ecosystem partnerships, and the potential returns are truly imaginative.
Become a "Bee Funds Investor" and contribute to shaping the future of Web3. For more details, reach out to

Join us and let's create an exceptional Web3 universe together! 🌟 #BeeFunds

🚀 Introducing Growing Platform Version 2.0! 🌱

We're thrilled to unveil the upgraded Bee Network Growing Platform 2.0, designed to provide you with a friendlier and more intelligent experience!

What's in it for you? Check out the benefits below 👇🏻

  1. Gain FREE access to thousands of Web3 Beelievers' attention.
  2. Exclusive exposure on and Bee Network APP.
  3. Interact with top Web3 resources.
  4. Higher-quality projects receive more traffic support.

Looking back at the past months, we celebrate remarkable achievements with our partners in the Bee Network ecosystem:

🌕 Moon Touch: From zero to successful IDO, together with our partner LFG Swap. They've attracted over 100K Beelievers, earning $MTS daily.

🎮 Gameta: Witnessing their growth to become a leading game on BSC, with 1M+ downloads in Google Play. What an achievement!

We extend heartfelt gratitude to BSC Daily, Blofin Exchange, NFT Scan, and all our GREAT partners for continuous support and active participation. Excitingly, we look forward to taking our collaboration to new heights! Are you ready for the next Binance x BeeNetwork campaign?

Last but not least, we welcome you to become a strategic partner of Bee Network, growing and developing alongside us, harnessing the collective resonance of millions of Beelievers.

"Let the Hive choose." 🐝


Bee Network DAO

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