Jun 26,2023
[IMPORTANT] Please update Bee Network to the latest version

Dear Bee Network users,

The version you are currently using, 1.7.0 and earlier, will be officially discontinued on 3rd July 2023 UTC+0, Various services, including mining bees, will no longer be supported. Please update to the latest version for your experience and the safety of assets.

Bee Network v1.17 is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and bee.com. Highly recommend that you download the new v1.17 version of Bee Network and complete the account migration process as soon as possible.

Since you joined Bee Network long ago, the app has significantly improved and added exciting new features. The Event Center allows you to receive airdrops from different projects daily, while the Explore section keeps you updated with Token Trends and Articles on Web 3 and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the ability to bind your social media accounts ensures the security of your Bee Network account.

If you encounter any difficulties during the transition to v1.17, please contact the admins of Bee Network community for assistance. Remember to back up your key account information before migrating to the new client. Your invitation code, Bee balance, and information about who invited you are crucial for account recovery in case you forget your password.
Thank you for your continued support and participation in Bee Network. We look forward to your smooth transition to the latest version.


Bee Network DAO

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