Mar 24,2023
Bee Network Q&A Volume 2

Hello, Beelievers! In the past month, Bee Network has made several significant updates. We are seeing more and more partners join our ecosystem. Bee Network has been collecting valuable suggestions and questions from the community. We appreciate your support and devotion. Here are the contents of the Q&A vol 2:

Why's Bee Network Core Team focused on Event Center? What's the meaning of all this?
Bee Network has always been trying to lower the barriers for Web2 users to get into the Web3 world. There're two kinds of barriers: cognitive and experiential.
As a newcomer to Web3 world. First you need enough knowledge which you can learn from articles on BeeNetwork-Explore. Afterwards you still need a crypto wallet and some money to try it out. When you register as a Beeliever, you will get a secure and convenient BeeWallet simultaneously. So how do you get your first money in Web3 world? That's the problem Event Center aims to address.
Event Center is an important platform where Beelievers can build the Bee Network ecosystem together with core team. We hope more excellent projects can establish connections with Beelievers here. Our partners can achieve strong growth here, while Beelievers get rewards through tasks and meet with more Web3 projects.
Currently, the rewards in Event Center are Coins and NFTs. Coins can be exchanged into USDT at a ratio of 200:1. In the past month, thousands of Beelievers got real money by completing tasks. For many people, this is the first money they have earned in Web3 world. And this is just the beginning 👏👏👏
We hope to bring benefits to Beelievers and provide convenience to our partners through Event Center. In the future, more partnerships will join our ecosystem, and there will be more types of events and bigger prizes for Beelievers. More importantly, this is the best way for Beelievers to build the Bee Network ecosystem together with the core team. Beelievers who finish tasks more actively can get more rewards.

When is Offerwall coming back?
It's great to see so many people hoping for the return of Offerwall. The meaning of Offerwall is also to help Beelievers earn their first income in Web3. Currently, Offerwall is re-opened to Android users (Explore - Earning). but due to platform policies, iOS users cannot experience Offerwall temporarily. We are constantly trying to solve this problem. Of course, everyone can earn rewards by completing tasks in Event Center now.
Please note: to ensure fairness of the community, anyone attempting to cheat through improper ways in Offerwall and Event Centers will be considered invalid (such as using proxy or multiple accounts). We will restrict the withdrawal of such accounts.

What's the difference between Coins and Bee Balance?
Bee Coins are what you earn from Event Center and Offerwall tasks. It can be exchanged for USDT at a ratio of 200:1 on the page Wallet-Rewards. Bee Balance is what you're mining for every day, with 24 hours countdown on the Home page of Bee Network APP. It is not listed on any exchange and can not be traded at this stage.
The value of Bee depends on Beelievers. It requires time to develop the Bee HIVE and joint efforts to build the Bee Network ecosystem. We need to be patient and maintain common consensus as always.

Event Center only has an English version. Will there be multiple language versions?
We apologize that Event Center currently only supports English. Our goal is to enable Beelievers all over the world to get benefits from Event Center. However, localization development requires time and money, we need to discuss with the community to build together. We also welcome volunteers to help us with localization development. If you can provide assistance, please contact us at

About Bee Network partnerships
In the past month, more than 50 partners have joined Bee Network. Our partners mainly are tools, games, and some financial applications. Top projects like the Beacon, GameSpace, PIP, and Helio Protocol. We are also working closely with public blockchains such as Arbitrum and BNB Chain. There will be more exciting news announced soon.
In addition, a brand new blockchain game Moon Touch, which we previously partner with, sold out their NFTs in just 4 minutes in presale last week. This product will be available on the App Store and Google Play soon. All Beelievers can enjoy exclusive rewards later. It's really exciting.
Also, more excellent projects will join the Bee Network ecosystem in the future.

One more thing: will ChatGPT be added to Bee Network?
Of course! In the past period, we have seen amazing changes in productivity brought by AI. Bee Network has always embraced technology and innovation. AI-powered LaMDA ChatGPT has been integrated into Bee Network App. You can have a conversation with ChatGPT by mentioning it in team chat rooms. We hope Beelievers from all over the world can feel the vitality of AI innovation.
May the force always "bee" with you.

Bee Network DAO

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