Mar 02,2023
[Update] Bee Network 1.12.1 Version Update

Greetings to all Beelievers:

With the great effort of the Core Team, Bee Network has released the latest version 1.12.1. There are some changes to make Bee Network easier to use. Hoping that Bee can lead more and more people to join in the fascinating Web3 world. Details here:

-Event Center officially opened to everyone. Finish tasks to gain your rewards now. You can find Event Center in Bee Network-Profile. Please note: only in 1.12.1 or higher versions can you claim all rewards.

-Rewards of Event Center now contain Coins and NFTs. Coins can be exchanged to UDST at the rate of 200:1 (for more details please view Withdrawl Rules). More rewards will be added in the future.

-Event Center now supports tasks: follow/retweet/post on Twitter, Join Discord, access web pages, and bind DApps through BeeWallet, more types of tasks await.

-Improved the experience of accessing web pages and DApps in Bee Network APP.

-Optimize some detailed operational experience of Bee Wallet.

-Optimized the experience of connecting decentralized projects through BeeWallet.

-Fixed some existing Bugs.

The update is ready both on and application stores. Highly recommend updating the new version to find Big Surprise in Bee Hive, or you may miss the opportunities to claim the rewards.

Thanks again to all Beelievers around the world. With your support, we can step towards our ultimate goal together. Bee Network is constantly putting an effort to bring you the best User Experience.

Bee Network DAO


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