Feb 06,2023
"Hello, Beeliever"

Hi everyone! Based on the results of the community poll, we are excited to announce the new title for all pioneers: Beeliever.

Why A New Title? ✨
Bee Network now has over 24 million users, and we're grateful for everyone's participation to keep us going. We found that some of our users were having trouble identifying themselves when introducing the project to others, and lacked a common community symbol as we built the ecosystem together, so we want to have a recognizable name to represent all of us. Now, the community has voted for Beeliever. Thank you for your choice.

Why Beeliever? 🐝
Since the beginning of the Bee Network, we have been committed to enabling every user to access and enjoy the benefits of Web3 through Bee. It is because many users share the same beliefs that they have come together to contribute to the development of the community. In the past year, more than 4 million users have gotten their first digital wallet through Bee Network, more than 500,000 users have made their first bucket of Web3 fortune in Bee Network, and more than 10 million users have unlocked a new Web3 lifestyle in the Bee Network ecosystem. In this gradually growing Bee HIVE with unlimited potential, we all share the same vision and consensus. We are both creators and harvesters, we are all Beelievers. In the future, we believe the identity of Beeliever will make our connection even closer and the Bee Network ecology even stronger.

Visionary Goals for 2023 🚀
In 2023, Bee Network DAO will provide all Beelievers with better benefits, a more convenient product experience, and a safer ecosystem as many Beelievers have already experienced the surprises of the new version ahead of time. Stay patient, more surprises are on the way.

Next, Bee Network DAO Core Team will keep closer with the community more often, so please rest assured that every Beelievers' voice will be heard. More details about the project's plans and ideas will be revealed soon. Join in community events and let's build a better Bee HIVE together!
Last but not least, we will have a meme carnival coming up, so keep tuned. Event surprises are waiting.

Bee Network DAO

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