Nov 10,2022
Information Security Statement for Bee Pioneers

Greetings to Bee Pioneers and Dear Ambassadors,

Recently, the core team found that some false information was spreading in the community. Before, the core team seldom clarified the rumors because we know Bee pioneers are wise not to believe. However, this time we found that the false information threatens the security of some Bee pioneers' property, so we would like to make a serious statement here.

1. All KYC for Bee pioneers is free of charge. If someone in the community tells you that you can pay for KYC priority, please be alert that it must be a scam and please never pay any fees. Though it costs a lot for internationally renowned bank-level services for the KYC, the core team is working hard on opening more KYC rounds and increasing the frequency of it.

2. Never give important privacy information to others in the community, including SMS verification codes. The core team and community admins will never ask any pioneer for personal information.

3. Be careful not to share the private key of your Bee wallet to anyone. Any party who knows the private key of your wallet can transfer all assets in your Bee wallet away.

Last but not least, here are two good news for all pioneers. Bee Network APP will release v1.8 soon, which is a major version update. Hope you like it. Also, there will be exciting events and great rewards during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Are you ready?

Bee Network DAO Core Team

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