Oct 14,2022
【Update】Bee Network 1.7.7 New Features

Greetings to global bee lovers🎈
With the efforts of Bee core team, Bee Network 1.7.7 version has been released. This version has been optimized and functionally iterated mainly for wallet security, registration, and sign-in process. Updated features are as follows.

1.Setting a transaction password to double-protect your wallet security.

2.Optimization for wallet sign-in process, Face ID / Touch ID are supported now.

3.Optimization for blog articles UI, making a better reading experience.

4.Fixed some existing Guest Mode bugs and improved the guest registration process, making account binding more convenient.

The update is ready both in AppleStore and GooglePlay. Don't forget to update your Bee App. Many thanks to global bee lovers. Bee Network will continue to make progress and achieve our goal with every bee lover's support.

Bee Network DAO

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