Sep 23,2022
【Update】Bee Network 1.7.6 Version Update

Greetings to global bee lovers💫
The 1.7.6 update of Bee Network App has been launched today. Thanks to Bee core team and global bee lovers, Bee Network app has been continuously optimized in a short time. The update is ready both in AppleStore and Googleplay, let's give it a try.

Here is information about the update:

  1. Optimization for Bee APP UI, making better user experience.
  2. An improved registration guide for simpler account creation.
  3. With the addition of an Email address and wallet binding, accounts are more secure.
  4. New Offerwall online: OFFERTORO, more choices on Offerwall.

With the support of global bee lovers, our global Bee lovers have reached 21 million! What good news and one step closer to our goal. Bee lovers are welcome to continue to promote Bee Network and engage as many Bee lovers as possible, so we can all work together to make our wishes come true.

Bee Network DAO


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