Sep 09,2022
【Update】Bee Network 1.7.5 Version Update

Greetings to Bee Lovers, today comes another good news.💫

As the Bee Wallet browser extension was published earlier, the 1.7.5 update of Bee Network App has been released today. You can now download and install the latest version 1.7.5 through Google Play or Apple Store.
Here is information about the update:

  1. Optimization for registration process and UI, making it more efficient and clearer with fewer steps when signing up.
  2. Download and update Bee Network App on the same sharing page while inviting new friends.
  3. Pop-up withdrawal rules, help you better understand how to withdraw Offerwall reward coins.
  4. Fixed bugs and optimized functions for better use.

This update is to provide every Bee Lover with a better product experience as Bee Network DAO and volunteers have worked together to make a number of optimizations.
Many thanks to all Bee Lovers and community contributors for the support for all the time. Bee Network DAO will keep working on bringing a better product and more benefits to you all.🐝🐝🐝

Bee Network DAO

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