Aug 02,2022
【Update】Bee Network 1.7.3 New Features

Greetings to global Bees. 🐝
As a result of the efforts of Bee Network DAO and the whole commmunity, a new APP version has just been published in a very short period of time. Today we're introducing new features of the latest update 1.7.3 of Bee Network APP.

  1. New UI design for Profile with more user-friendly interactions, you can now see the avatar picture once you link Bee account with third-party social network account.
  2. You can Like & Share posts both on the News stream on the homepage and Project stream on the Square page. Leave a like and share your favorite posts with your friends, let's give it a try.
  3. The Chatrooms of your own team and your inviter's team are available to be muted, and new message notifications will reach you in time.
  4. The reward bill is ready to share to the Chatroom. Check the records in your wallet and invite your team to join the Offerwall. Let's earn more together!💲
  5. Fixed some bugs

The latest update 1.7.3 is available on AppleStore, GooglePlay and, please feel free to download and update on your phone. Should you face any issues while using the APP, please find support through or Bee Network social platform.
Thank you for your love and support.🙌🙌🙌

update video:

Bee Network DAO

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