Jul 06,2022
Bee Network KYC Has Ended

Greetings to Bee Lovers,

This round of KYC has ended. For those who have submitted verification information, please wait patiently for the results. Due to the large amount of submissions in this round, it will take more than 7 working days for the KYC results. Please make sure you turn on Bee Network's notification to receive the verification result once it's done.
No worries for Bee lovers that are not able to participate in KYC. We will randomly open a KYC opportunity in every quarter. In the future, KYC will be supporting more country/region identity documents. Please keep tuned to Bee Network news and get prepared in time.
Thanks for your understanding and support. Bee Network will continue to provide better product experience and more welfare events.

latest video:
Super Node Ambassador:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfW4hLqbBFs

Bee Network DAO

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