Jun 23,2022
【Notice】Get Ready For The Upcoming KYC

Hi, global Bee Lovers. 🐝
Good news about Bee Network keeps popping up recently. Featured functions and reward events have been achieved, and in the meanwhile, our global Bees will soon exceed 20 million!
Another good news is that a new round of KYC is about to start next week. This time, more identity documents of more countries will be accepted for the KYC, please check the following list and get prepared beforehand.📑
1. Identity Card of Turkey 2. National Identity Card of Brazil
3. Identification Card of Philippine
4. NIN of Nigeria
5. Identity Card of China mainland
6. Identity Card of Indonesia
7. ID Card of Jordan
8. National Identity Card of the U.K.
In addition to the above 8 countries, Bee Lovers from other countries and regions can still use international passport for the KYC.
The KYC will start from Jun 27th to July 6th (EST), 10 days in total. Please get prepared with identity documents as required.
Many thanks to global Bee lovers. Bee Network is making progress with the support of you all, let's build a bigger hive with our joint efforts.💛💛💛

KYC Guidance:https://youtu.be/Jo3WMWn0tYs

Bee Network DAO

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