Jun 10,2022
【Update】1.7.0 New Version With Offerwall Earning Features

Hi Global Bee Lovers.🐝
With the efforts of the Bee Network team, the new version 1.7.0 has been officially launched. As a significant new feature, Offerwall is available now on Square. You can earn reward points by completing the tasks on the Offerwall and exchanging the points for real assets.🤑🤑🤑

  • Each task has its own reward points, and you can check the points in Bee wallet's reward account once the task is done.
  • Reward points can be exchanged for USDT and the current exchange rate is 200 points = 1U. For example, 1000 reward points can be converted to 5 USDT in your Bee wallet.
  • Besides, you will get 10% of the team points as refund benefits when your Bee team members participate in the Offerwall tasks and receive reward points, and 5% extra bonus points when your invitees' team members also join the earning tasks.

For example, if 3 of your team members have done the Offerwall tasks and each has received 1,000 points, then you will be rewarded with 100 points as inviter. When your invitees' team members are rewarded 1000 points through the tasks, you'll then get an extra 50 points as a bonus.
The more you invite and more team members participate in the tasks, the more you will get reward points.
The latest version is now available on both GooglePlay and AppStore. Please update as soon as possible to join in the Offerwall earning events. The Offerwall is to provide real benefits to Bee lovers around the world and to lead to a better life for all.
Many thanks for your support. Please continue to promote Bee Network, invite more Bee lovers to join and share more benefits!💛

Bee Network DAO

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