May 17,2022
【Airdrop Alert】International Bee's Day Is Coming Soon

Greetings to all global Bees. 🐝

International Bee's Day is coming very soon.🎈 May 20th is a day for global Bees and is also an important day for Bee Network DAO to celebrate milestones. In the 1.5 years since the birth of Bee Network, Bee users keep increasing and the community keeps growing. So far, with the efforts of global volunteers and communities, Bee ecosystem has gradually built up. A lot of appreciation to each one of you, we'll keep working on the project altogether.

More functions will be applied shortly, and we'll make progress on the entire Bee ecosystem so that our Bees can benefit from it. To celebrate the International Bee's Day, we have prepared an AIRDROP event, the rules of which will be announced soon.

Keep tuned.

Bee Network DAO


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