Jan 20,2022
Bee Network Participates In Africa Charity Project

Greetings, global pioneers. We'are glad to announce that Bee Network has joined the Africa charity project Changing Lives Through Chess and reached global partnership with CHESS IN SLUMS AFRICA.

Changing Lives Through Chess is a project by Tunde Onakoya in their global fundraising championed by Paris Hilton, focusing on discovering the potential and talent of children through chess and building a different future for them. We will launch a fundraising with our joint efforts to change the educational environment in slums of Africa.

Through chess, we hope to build a framework to teach academic skills, critical thinking and a lifelong appreciation for learning to these children. It is our collective responsibility to make sure every child is given equal opportunity to excel and build the future they want for themselves regardless of their background.

Join us and build a bright future.


Bee Network DAO


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