Jan 07,2022
Bee Network Wallet Is Coming Soon

Bee Network wallet will soon be available to everyone in the Web 3.0 world. The wallet is currently a Beta version, supporting main chain as Ethereum and will continue to support other chains in the coming phase. Bee Wallet provides services such as transferring in and out of digital assets, binding to other wallet addresses, reviewing transaction history and collecting airdrops. As no private key is bound, the function to transfer out digital assets from wallet addresses bound in Bee wallet as well inner transfer of Bee, will be supported at a later date.

About Wallet Safety

The wallet has a high strength encryption (RSA4096) for the wallet private key and other information produced by the system, and the data is backed up in multiple locations in real time. At the same time, the encrypted key pairs are physically isolated and backed up with multiple locks to maximize the security of the wallets while safeguarding the efficiency of internal transactions.

Bee Network DAO


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