Q1. What is Bee Network?

Q2. How to earn Bee?

Q3. What do I have to pay to earn Bee? Does it cost money?

Q4. What's the max supply of Bee Network?

Q5. What is the potential of Bee Network?

Q6. Why lower the Bee earning rate?

Q7. Why is there a difference between Bee's displayed balance and actual balance?

Q8. Why is Bee Network invite-only?

Q9. Can I change the phone number if I use it for first login?

Q10. Can I change my username?

Q11. Can I change the invitation code I used for signing up?

Q12. How to build my security circle?

Q13. Can I withdraw my Bee and when?

Q14. When can I exchange fiat currency on the exchange?

Q15. Will Bee Network consume a lot of battery or data traffic on my phone?

Q16. Is Bee Network a scam?

Q17. How to get the most recent Bee Network App?

Q18. How to get the latest news about Bee Network?